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Anonymous bulletin app Yik Yak isn’t so anonymous after all

Researcher finds Yik Yak wasn't so discreet after all

Assuming you were a college understudy a couple of years prior, odds are you’ve caught wind of – and perhaps utilized – Yik Yak, an unknown release board application that showed a feed of posts from a particular area.

The application, sent off in 2013, was in this manner shut down in 2017 after clients called attention to that it very well may be utilized to secretly menace and bother individuals, among other terrible things. Yik Yak made a big deal about a rebound yet the center issues remained.

Yet, it just so happens, Yik Yak wasn’t so mysterious all things considered, as per an analyst addressing Motherboard.

Yik Yak privacy flaw

Software engineering understudy David Teather built a really straightforward method for testing out Yik Yak’s security smarts and found the application was very caring about.

Utilizing the open-source mitmproxy device, Teather captured information from and to Yik Yak by claiming to be the actual application. Each post on the help contains a definite GPS coordinate and a remarkable ID (like nrCi213RA3SncY6mVLZzuGUIJ2T2), the two of which can be utilized to de-anonymise Yik Yak clients.

In his own blog entry, Teather delves into significantly more detail on precisely how and why Yik Yak was doing this, which leaves around 2,000,000 excess clients in danger.

A quiet update

“I uncovered what I found to the YikYak group on April 11, 2022,” Teather said. “Very nearly a month after the fact on May 8, 2022 (1 day before open divulgence date), they answered by eliminating the client id being returned for posts and remarks anyway this isn’t sufficient to safeguard security as recapturing this information is minor.”

However, not much occurred until Yik Yak delivered variant 1.4.3 around May 11, which made a few slight changes, generally implying that the GPS area information was less precise.

I found that @YikYakApp is uncovering a huge number of client areas through sending exact GPS directions of all posts and remarks (precise inside 10-15 feet) to the application, these can be gathered by malevolent entertainers to follow clients locations. 9, 2022

While this is very likely a positive change, Teather observed that it was as yet conceivable, but somewhat harder, to separate exact area information.

Yik Yak didn’t answer various solicitations for input from Motherboard.

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